Catch your friends !!!

Sign up on With this slogan, Dablip started its journey from 10th march, 2012.This is social networking site.
Dablip contains some luxurious contents: canvas, picture, letter, music, video and diary.
Canvas: showing the activities
Picture: you can upload a photo and stored in picture option in left side
Letter: you can send a letter and stored in letter box
Music: you can upload music and stored in music box
Video: you can upload a video and stored in video box
Diary; you can write a diary and store in left side diary option
You can easily catch your friends by searching and peoples may be best option.
Many users are satisfied on it.

Founded: Dhaka, Bangladesh (2012)

Type: Private
Industry: Internet
Type of site: Social Networking Service
Registration: Required
Area served: World wide