Advertisement through Dablip

Dablip is a social networking website. It helps you to reach your Audiences easily.

In Dablip, you can give advertisement of your website, page or any product (without Porn) easily and with low cost.

Now 1, 00,000 people visit Dablip monthly with average page views of 20, 00,000.

Ad rate

Desktop site:

Desktop ad may vary with different sizes and different rates. It may be daily ($1 USD), weekly ($5 USD) or monthly ($20 USD) basis.

Mobile site Daily Basis:

Text link ($1 USD/ day)

Banner link ($2 USD/ day)

File format should be jpg, png or gif.

Additionally we support fixed rate.

Contact with us for details.

To give ad or to know details, please send mail to or Call- 8801710-278539